Our mission. 

We're a different kind of online apparel shop for women. 

We're edgy. We're opinionated. We empower one another. We're sweet when we want to be and sour when it counts. We don't believe in looking "super cute." We believe in looking super ourselves. Badass. Powerful. Loud. Quirky. Retro. Feminine. Vintage. You name it. 

We strive to empower women to break the fashion status quofearlessly. And to wear pieces that reflect who they areas complicated and as multifaceted as that sometimes may be. 

It's not about being a copycat or finding a "dupe." It's about making a statementunapologeticallybecause it makes you happy and because it makes you feel like you.  

About the owner.

Hi. I'm Emily.

I loved fashion even as a third grader and grew obsessed with the way changing my outfit made me feel. How it affected my mood. How it could either grow or lessen my confidence. There was some magic in that. I knew it even then. 

But, when I was a little girl the older girls teased me. Said I dressed "weird." Thought I looked like a loser in my plaid leggings. Teased me during recess. And sure, maybe they were "weird." But that was probably the whole reason why I liked those pants so much.

Through middle school and into high school I dressed less myself and more like the rest of the girls. I adopted the cookie-cutter trends for a blip and then reverted back to my elementary days of embracing what ever the heck I wanted to wear whenever the heck I wanted to wear it and I've never looked back. 

My mom always said, "Why do you care what other people think, Em? You wear what you want to wear." She was right, always is. And now my theory on fashion is much like Marie Kondo's theory on things: if it brings you joy, you wear it. Plain and simple. 

Sometimes I feel like we're all dressing as if we're swimming in a sea of sameness. It's a little odd. Because (well) we're not all the same. I believe fashion should be more about embracing difference and less about finding lookalikes. Port Hill was born from this idea. 

By supporting Port Hill, you're supporting this mindset. The kicker is that you also become a part of the wildly unique family that is #porthillfam. So, if you made it this far, welcome to the fam. I'm glad you're here.